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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal:  Using a state of the art laser system this procedure will rid you of unwanted hair.  This is a fast, virtually pain free option to traditional waxing and caustic chemicals.  Typical applications are beard area, upper lip, bikini area, chest, shoulders and back, legs, arms, underarms and face.

The usual remedies for removing unwanted hair, plucking, shaving, or chemical methods, don’t offer long-term solutions.  Electrolysis is a popular and effective treatment for long-term hair removal, but it can be painful and can take months of regular visits to be effective.   Lasers reduce unwanted hair faster, less painfully, and more reliably than non-laser methods.  Lasers work when pigment in hair follicles absorbs the light emitted by the system. The laser vaporizes hair pigment, eliminating or significantly slowing hair's growth.

Treatment Time and Recovery

A laser session lasts anywhere from a few minutes to 60 minutes. Lasers treat hair follicles in active growth, so more than one treatment may be required.

Most people tolerate laser hair removal methods well. However, because some areas of the body are more sensitive, topical anesthesia is available.  Most people return to normal activity right away, but redness and swelling may occur.

Post Treatment

Cool compresses along with a light application of moisturizer

Before and After Laser Hair Removal

Back before and after

Back hair before and after laser treatment

Ear hair before and after treatment

Ear hair before and after treatment

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